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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Girl Child Network Worldwide appoints Atlanta Georgia based Tosi Ufodike as Ambassador

Girl Child Network Worldwide (GCNW) officially announces its appointment of Tosi Ufodike as its 2012-2014 Ambassador in Atlanta Georgia with immediate effect.

As GCNW expands its global outreach, special representatives are appointed to further the objectives of the network and mobilise support at community level. Ambassadors chosen for this role are high achievers and women and men of distinction. Traditionally, celebrities are mostly Ambassadors of charities because of their popularity and how they attract huge donations for charities. GCNW has come up with a new concept where exceptional leaders in communities who are unsung heroes can contribute immensely to the development of the organisation because they have a connection with their communities and they are not in everyday news yet daily they make good news for others.

Tosi Ufodike is married and is a dedicated mother of two girls, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. She is the CEO and Founder of My Good Nanny. She hosts the popular MGN Radio show. MGN Radio features great family information and entertainment. Tosi Ufodike is the author of the children’s book, Princess Amara & The Magic Fruit. She  has a strong spiritual background and believes all children are a gift from God. She is the force behind the Dare 2 Aspire Annual Entrepreneur Conference where she provides Moms and Dads with the tools needed to start and grow a small business. Tosi is a proud member of the National Association of Professional Women. Her upcoming book, 50 Parent Commandments, will be released in 2012

`On behalf of Girl Child Network Worldwide I would like to warmly welcome Tosi and tell her that  supporting even one girl is supporting the whole nation just as  they say, educate one girl and you educate the world. Our network is proud to be supported by women like Tosi, ` said Betty Makoni CEO of Girl Child Network Worldwide.

Tosi Ufodike started publicity of the work of GCNW and helped to mobilise for support. Amongst some of her plans is to see the Million Dollar Girl to Girl strengthened and support more projects for girls at risk in Africa. She has a radio program that has already highlighted the work of GCNW and her radio will mobilise many people especially in Atlanta Georgia to support.
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