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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Girls Empowerment and Education Fund for Girls in Africa -Donate a Dollar Per Year

First ever Girls Empowerment Fund for Girls in Africa-Donation of dollar per year changes lives

GCNW has collected, collated and codified data from over a decade of helping over 300 000 girls in Zimbabwe and some parts of Africa. In order to replicate the model, GCNW has now set up a Global Center of Excellency to lead and ensure high quality standards during massive roll out of the model. Girl Child Empowerment best practice model is tried and tested and is based on real life experiences and realities of what worked and brought tangible results at grassroots level .Below is a snap shot of some best practices and a holistic empowerment package for girls to be shared during replication of the model in four African countries;
• Girls Empowerment Training Tool Kit
• Girls Empowerment and Education Fund
• Girl Child Transformation from victim to survivor to leader strategy
• Building grassroots advocacy and speak out forums for girl child rights advocates

Girl Child Network Worldwide comes in to fill in a very critical void in support for girls by providing direct general support funds to individual girls in communities where they lack the financial means to reach their potential.This is a revolution in the philanthropic world where girls from rural areas begin to receive life-changing small grants directly. GCNW has aroused the eagerness, zeal and innovation in girls to stand up and do something to unleash their potential and get access to safe funding.

Girls’ Empowerment and Education Fund
• Girls’ Empowerment and Education Fund (GEEF), which is the first ever international girls’ fund giving girls small grants to promote their creativity and innovation by coming up with self help project that promote self-reliance, the creation of girls’ clubs, and girl-run development projects not supported elsewhere because of various bureaucratic systems. Over 3000 projects will be supported by 2015 in four countries in Africa
• This initiative will raise 3 million U.S. dollars by the end of the set 5-year period through the Million Dollar Girl-to-Girl Campaign.

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