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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Washington State Girl Child Network Ambassador on mission to help girls in Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone

Jolene Thomas is Girl Child Network Worldwide Ambassodor for Washington State or Northwest  Region.
This is to let EVERYONE know that Jolene Thomas is the Northwest Regional Ambassador and Sponsorship Coordinator. Read about her mission below 

This mission`s project deals with girls in Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone who are being raped by men who think they will cure their aids by raping a virgin. The girls being raped are not just girls between 12 and 18. No, there are female children as young as one day old who are being abused and raped. Please send up your prayers for all the young girls who fall victim to this depravity. Please check out Girl Child Network here on Facebook and also go to the website atwww.girlchildnetworkworldwide.com or if you want to contact me to donate then send me an email at gcnw.washingtonstate@gmail.com .Thank you for your support.....Jolene 

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