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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Girl Child Network USA officially launches a Facebook page to build its leadership

Welcome to the Girl Child Network United States. Still in its founding year, the GCNUSA is a developing organization in need of membership and filling out of various leadership positions. Our intention is to create a US based organization that can publicize and fundraise for the Girl Child Network Worldwide within the United States. 

According to our 5 year plan, we intend to have the capacity to fully fund numerous projects of the GCN in Zimbabwe and Africa. Our goal is to educate and empower the exploited youth in Zimbawe and provide them with the opportunity to grow in their respective communities. The organization was jointly founded by Gabe Gilbert-Lurie, Ameek Shokar and Alec Eginli. If you have been added to this group then you were recommended by at least one of our board members or Betty Makoni to serve this organization in some capacity. We will be taking applications for various positions in the organization. We need to fill the seats on our Board of Directors and need leaders to represent the organization at various institutions. 

After this process, the organization may send representatives to Washington D.C. in June to attend an award ceremony for GCN Worldwide founder and human rights activist Betty Makoni. Attendees will meet Betty Makoni and represent the GCN USA at the ceremony along with other chapters. In our evaluation we ask for a curriculum vitae and a written personal statement as to why you would like to join the GCNUSA and in what capacity. Please indicate to us some of your strengths and specifics as to how you may become involved.

 Finally, we intend to provide everyone who is interested and has applied the opportunity to get involved with the organization. We will not turn anyone away; anyone that has applied with be given a place in the GCN. The deadline to notify us of your interest and send in your information is April 30th, after this date if we have not heard from a member he will be removed from the group page. Please email all information to girlchildnetworkusa@gmail.com More people will be added to this group and we are open to any recommendations. Please, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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