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Friday, 9 June 2017

Girl Child Network Worldwide Newsflash June 2017 Edition- Building Girls Empowerment and Education Fund

Girl Child Network Worldwide Newsflash is here: June 2017 Edition

Major Headlines and more..........
Featuring Fundraiser supporting Girls Empowerment Village in Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone 
Caroline Akorita owner of Fashion Mixer UK 

Fashion Mixer UK Donation sustains girls in Africa
Don’t miss how much we raised and how our girls are doing in Africa
Welcome from Trustees and Founder
Our Annual Fundraiser reached for 2016 to 2016
Featured donors from November 2017 to date
Monthly donors - from 6 to 23 Hooray, every little helps!!!
Recent visit to Girls Empowerment Village by Mercy
News bits from Girl Child Networks in Africa
Featured former girls of Girl Child Network Zimbabwe
Featured Networking events for 2017
Next Event
Volunteer, Donate, Speak Out
Contacting Us

Welcome to our first Newsflash for June 2017. As our supporters keep growing, be part of our journey. Don’t miss our news, updates and latest developments. We keep getting supporters and we want to encourage more to come on board as we are determined about reaching our target for Girls Empowerment and Education Fund in 2018. We are as determined as ever

Our Annual Fundraiser for 2015-2016
Mwemba Girls Empowerment Village
We raised a total of £8611.76 between 1 September 2015 to 31 August 2016. The donations came from individual donors monthly. We made to donate £6790.80 to our beneficiaries for school fees, helpline, food, sanitary pads and the cost of running Girls Empowerment Village in Zimbabwe. At least 300 girls were supported in Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and Uganda.  

Featured donors from November 2017 to date
There are several organisations and companies supporting us to build the Girls Empowerment and Education Fund and we thank them. The fund supports 100 girls who seek emergency assistance for school fees, sanitary pads, workshops, income generating projects and anything that can save lives. The fund supports all monthly expenses of running Chitsotso Girls Empowerment Village and ensuring girls who seek shelter from sexual abuse get the support they need.
Fashion Mixer UK and Founder Caroline Akorita-Our new year started on a positive note. Fashion Mixer UK  donated £4150.00. Thank you, Caroline Akorita. So far 10 girls are on annual scholarship from St Lukes and Mukuwapasi Primary Schools in Rusape,  Zimbabwe. Sixty girls from poor homes are getting sanitary towels monthly. We are delighted electricity at Girls Empowerment Village is now installed. Girl Child Sierra Leone also received a £1000 grant. Girl Child Network Worldwide part sponsored Never Again Royal Night and fundraised £3608. The grant keeps multiplying. More news from Fashion Mixer UK on future fundraisers and how you can help charities Click here

National Black Crown Prosecution Ex-Chair- Ogheneruona Iguyovwe donated £1200 on the eve of Never Again Royal Night, Ruona donated £1200 and bringing a total of funds donated since 2015 to £2000. Hwange Mwemba Girls Empowerment Village is the beneficiary of this fund and news coming how they spent the money as their project proposal for a grant to undertake a self-help project at Mwemba Girls Empowerment Village has been received.

Founder of HEN Foundation, Jimmy Eniola presented a cheque of £500

This goes towards supporting girls in rural areas with sanitary pads. More news coming as soon as reports are received on how the grant was used.

Monthly donors – increase from 6 to 23 Hooray, every little helps!!!
In February 2017, we had only 6 monthly donors. But now the number is up to 23. Thank you all for your support. So far we get a total of £200 from our monthly donors who give between £3 to £10. Every little penny makes a difference. Tell a friend to sign up. 
Thank you so much our monthly donors Nkechi Nwankwo, Hazviperi Makoni, Angela Okemere Jørgensen, Jacqueline Zulu, Joyce Osaghae, Charlotte Matthews, Taiwo Adesina, Kehinde Adesina, Adrian Flasher, Achenyo Ochuma, Ogheneruona Iguyovwe, Sandra Nelson, Chioniso Hlatywayo, Sandra Nelson
Please invite more of your friends to give as little as £3 per month.
Recent visit to Girls Empowerment Village by Mercy
Mercy recently visited Chitsotso Girls Empowerment Village and shared a chilling experience on plight of girls in Zimbabwe. Now she plans several projects to fundraise to meet the needs of girls at Chitsotso Girls Empowerment Village. We will share more updates from her soon. 

News bits from Girl Child Networks in Africa

Thank you GCNW and all Fashion Mixer UK donors. I sata R J Sesay she is now 17yrs old attending the A grade top school the Anniesland Walsh Memorial School in Freetown.  She is an  orphan with  a rape story at age 17yrs at an ophanage. She was ref Fred to GCNSL by a group of Female lawyers when they could not do more for her. GCNSL since 2014 is supporting Isata in her education from the Girls Education Fund funded by GCNW in the  UK.  Isata is now in SS3 lower sixth from reading Account and Finance(Message via WhatsApp and not edited for originality).
In addition, Girl Child Network Sierra Leone reported that they partnered with many organisations and held empowerment conferences for girls. Please visit their page and see their exceptional work on empowering girls. Through the grant we gave to them, some girls have positive stories. Girl Child Network received £1000.

Girl Child Network Zimbabwe Girls Empowerment Village has a new village keeper who supports girls who drop in for support. There are also two monitors working. The village has electricity and so girls can do self-help projects. Some girls in clubs will be receiving their sanitary towels soon. Thanks, all for donating so generously. Girl Child Network Zimbabwe receives £500 for the monthly expenses for Girls Empowerment Village. 

Featured former girls of Girl Child Network Zimbabwe

Linda and Lee(sisters) attended the Fashion Mixer UK fundraiser as former alumni of the organisation. Lee spoke fondly of how the work of Girl Child Network has transformed lives. Both sisters reside in UK and their support of Girl Child Network Worldwide is former members should inspire more girls to come on board and support advocacy and fundraising projects. Well done Linda and Lee for working hard and sharing empowerment with many girls and women. Your leadership inspire many girls. You are role models.

Featured Networking events for 2017-Women4Africa Awards 6th Anniversary 
Women4Africa brought us new friends from across the world like all years before and thanks Tola and Sam Onigbanjo for giving us a platform to share our journey. Muzvare Betty Makoni received a Lifetime Achievement Award. Well done!!! Great presentation on the night Princess Moradeun Adedoyin Solarin. 

Muzvare Betty Makoni also was a keynote speaker at the African Development Forum(School of Oriental African Studies) SOAS on 24 April  2017 where she advocated for sustainable energy sources to be provided for women and girls in Africa. Students were inspired by her work with Girl Child Network Worldwide.

Next Event-Lift Effects 17 June

Next big event we have is Lift Effects. Muzvare Betty Makoni is once again honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award. However, the girls are more honoured because Girl Child Network Worldwide is a chosen charity to receive a donation from Sandra Nelson and Lift Effects. Please come support the event on 17 June 2017. To buy your tickets click www.lifeeffects.org

Never Again Annual Fundraiser was a success this year on 29 April 2017.Thanks so much to Director of Ceremony who has done fantastic work for the past two years.  

Girl Child Network Worldwide would like to thank everyone who came to support us for our annual fundraising event Never Again Royal Night.  We fundraised £3086. You are invited to get ready for Never Again Royal Night on 28 April 2018. Please save this date.

Volunteer, Donate, Speak Out 

The girls above who all reside in UK attended our Girls Empowerment Workshop last summer. Every year in August we have Girls Empowerment Workshop so that we impart leadership to girls who want to lead alongside us. We need more girls here in UK to join us and lead with us. Please sign up as a member. 

We need volunteers to help us process grants and reports from girls in Africa and be part of decision making and leadership of the charity. You can do this from the comfort of your home and online. We need volunteer fundraisers who can do it from wherever you are.

Please keep donating for our girls’ education and empowerment fund. We want to exceed £50 000 in 2018. Yes, we know we can do it with your support and as from as little as £3 per month.
When a girl is harmed, violated, raped, forced to marry or drops out of from anywhere in the world, don’t watch. Please speak out. Let’s ensure girls are safe worldwide.

How to Donate   

Our bank details and you can set up a monthly debit with as little as a £1 monthly 
Account name:Girl Child Network Worldwide
Account number 03872848
Sort Code-30-97-84
Donate as little as £3 monthly via Charity Checkout

Contact Details 

Contact us direct on our email: gcnworldwide@gmail.com
Our website is down but use our blog whilst it gets  fixed by Zim hosts our website hosts 
Our WhatsApp Numbers are:07951522790 or 07852428077

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